Traditional herringbone parquet floors always attract these customers who value quality and the natural beauty of wood, leaving laminate flooring far behind in terms of design and style. The herringbone pattern is created with rectangular blocks arranged in unique, beautiful layouts. The blocks are usually installed using the tongue and groove system, and then glued to the floor. The overall effect and durability depend on the type of wood, finishing and the quality of installation.

Prime Grade:

Is the highest grade of wooden flooring. It is also often described as AB high grade.

Cut of the center of the log, this grade of wood is uniform in its appearance and has very few knots, they tend to be small and unobtrusive. Futhermore the sap content of this wood is very low. Finally, and often one of the most important for people choosing a wood grade, the colour variation is minimal, but still there, due to the fact the wood is a natural product.

A prime grade will have a very uniformed look.

Select Grade:

Is the next grade of wooden flooring. Often described as ABC grade, this wood contains knots but less then Rustic Finish (Knots maximum 10mm diameter), some sap and colour variation.

Rustic Grade:

Is the final grade of wooden flooring. As the name suggests, it will display a larger range of colour variation, sap and will have more knots and filler, giving it a very nice, traditional vintage look.